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All invoices are sent by mail and will not be sent by post.


Quadfun determined by the transport company they are going to send your order. 99% This is the courier chosen.

To place an order, you must be at least 18 years old.

If you are under 18, we ask you to place the order by your parents or legal guardian.

If we find that an order is placed by a minor, we can refuse this order

Quadfun can at all times no reason to refuse an order, refund within 30 days.

Quadfun can cancel part of an order, refund within 30 days.

Send Return / Right of withdrawal:

You may, after receiving the goods always send back within 14 days.

Intact and in original packaging.

Therefore we have a return portal:


Use your product so that it is no longer "state store", it may be that you will get less money back for the product.

Upon receipt and verification of the return, then we return the payment without the shipping costs.

To send something return the copy of the invoice must sit down and a written explanation of what is wrong.

Cancel order:

After placing the order we normally deliver within 7 working days.

It sometimes happens that an item is not in stock, and planned delivery time a little longer.

If we do not within 15 working days to deliver after the order date, the customer can this product without any costs cancel.

Cancel your self this order within the 15 working days or just after posting then we'll take 25% of the total amount charged.

The delivery time longer than 15 days we will send you within this period to bring you up to date.

Not responsible:

Quadfun is not responsible for misuse of the articles.

Quadfun is not responsible for accidents.


The General Conditions and orders thereunder are governed exclusively by Belgian law. In case of dispute or disagreement about the existence, interpretation and implementation of the General Conditions for current orders will only occur the Commercial Court of Kortrijk.


Until full payment of the goods remains quadfun the owner. One month after a notice of payment quadfun will commit, for non-payment, right to recover the goods.


Warranty on an item is: Manufacturers warranty.


If any provision of the terms and conditions and decisions made thereunder is annulled by a court or other authority, that decision can in no way affect the validity of other provisions, the parties undertake to replace the canceled general agreement clause by another provision, legally valid, with equivalent economic effect. Quadfun may at any time all or part of the obligations under the General Conditions assign the current orders to a third party.


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